Snow Peas

Background Information:
Snow Peas are available in late March or early April, marking the beginning of Spring. We plant these in the fall and then they will bloom and produce the peas in the spring. We usually just get one crop, and then the weather heats up and they are done.

Basic Cooking Strategies:
Remove the stem of the snow pea before eating. Pluck it off with your fingers, then pull gently down the length of the pea, to remove any string (the fibrous edge of the bean).
Eat raw or sauté or steam quickly, until the color changes to a bright green. Remove from the heat and eat right away. If saving for later, steam or blanch, then quickly shock in ice water, so that they retain their color. If you add dressing and then store the peas, they will be fine to eat, but their color will dull over time.

Storage Information:
Refrigeration - Keep beans unwashed until ready to use, wrapped in plastic, in the refrigerator. Use within 3-4 days of receiving for best flavor.
Freezing – Blanch peas in boiling water for 1 minute, plunge in ice water to stop cooking. Allow to dry and freeze in desired portions.


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