Background Information:
Rutabagas are available throughout the fall, winter and spring. They are a root vegetable that is similar to a turnip and carrot.

Basic Cooking Strategies:
Rutabagas can be cooked like potatoes, roasted whole and then split open and served with butter, salt and pepper. Alternatively, peel and cut them, season with salt and your favorite spices, toss with olive oil and cook on a baking sheet in a single layer. They are moister than a potato and have a creamy interior when roasted whole. Boil or roast and then mash with other root vegetables, as a substitute for mashed potatoes.

Storage Information:
When you bring home, remove the greens, if still attached. Rutabagas can be stored for several days, but their flavor is the sweetest when used as soon as possible.


Roasted Rutabaga with Smoked Paprika
Creamy Rutabaga and Dill Soup

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