Background Information:
We grow red and yellow onions that are available in the spring and summer. The spring onions will be sent out with their greens attached and they are completely edible.

Basic Cooking Strategies:
Use onions as a base in recipes, like sautés. You can roast or grill them, cut in halves or quarters. The spring onions have a mild flavor, and you can use more of them than usual. To enjoy the flavor of the onion, slowly cook them and use the caramelized pulp in a tart with goat cheese or as a relish on steak or stir into cooked beans.

Storage Information:
Onions will store for several weeks in the refrigerator. Our onions are not cured, and therefore cannot be stored for more than a few days a room temperature. Pickle or freeze for long term storage.


Roasted Sweet Potato Corn Salad
Caramelized Onion Dip

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