Background Information:
Leeks are available late spring and summer. Most recipes will tell you to use the white and light green part, but all of it is edible, the thicker darker sections will just need extra cooking time, and are great roasted.

Basic Cooking Strategies:
Use like onions as a base in recipes, like soups, sauces and vegetable sautés. You can roast or grill them, cut in half. Leeks have a slightly different flavor than onions and are very sweet. Cook them slowly over medium heat, and use in a tart with goat cheese or as a relish on steak or stir into cooked beans. They will make a good side dish on their own.
To wash leeks, cut them first and put them in a bowl of cool water, swish them around and allow any dirt and sand to fall to the bottom of the bowl. Then scoop out the leeks from the top. In a pinch, cut in half and rinse under water, concentrating on removing the dirt from the outer leaves.

Storage Information:
Leeks will store for several weeks in the refrigerator. They could be frozen for long term storage, but their flavor will change slightly. Save the greens in the freezer for use in stocks, for soup.


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