Hot Peppers, Jalapenos & Pablanos

Background Information:
Hot peppers are available June through October. We grow a variety hot peppers, with different levels of heat. Some of the milder ones can be eaten in larger quantities once cooked.

Basic Cooking Strategies:
Peppers can be used raw in salsas. When cooked their sweet flavor is enhanced, they can be roasted or sautéed. They are great cut in half and grilled, stuffed with cheese.

Storage Information:
Refrigeration – Store peppers unwashed until ready to use, in the refrigerator.
Freezing – Cut and blanch in boiling water for 1 minute, plunge in ice water to stop cooking. Allow to dry and freeze in desired portions.
Preserving – Peppers will make a nice relish that can be canned for use through the winter. Pickle peppers in a vinegar/water solution to use throughout the year.


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