February 3 & 4
This Week's Vegetable Box
The variety of items in your box may vary slightly, please refer to your newsletter

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Portuguese Kale

Iceberg Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce Hearts

Red Radishes



Sweet Potatoes

Bunched Carrots

Full share only

Curly Kale
Full share only

~ Fruit Share ~

Cameo Apples

Navel Oranges

Bacon Avocados

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Rancho Piccolo is a certified organic farm, selling direct to consumers through our Community Supported Agriculture program. Once a week we deliver fruits and vegetables to businesses and homes in the Bay Area and Central Valley. These products are grown here in the San Joaquin valley on our farm. In addition, we partner with other local organic producers, to bring you a diverse box of items that helps to keep small family farms part of our economy.
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